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Free ringtones are out there! Free ringback tones are harder to pin down. Some now offer free ringtones with limited advertising. Free ringback tones can not be far behind. In the competitive, often complicated world of iPhones, the Dare, the Rave and any day the google phone, touch screen technology and ringtone flexibility are essential elements to everyday existence. Telecommunications experts predict billions in profits from ringtones alone so the industry’s hesitancy to give those “free ringtones” away might be understandable, unless you just want your free ringback tones! Free ringtones may be less a problem for Google than determining whether, with the new Google phone, Googling someone takes on a whole new meaning.

“Free ringtones for all!” Some political pundits claim John McCain may pull out the final stop at a whistle stop somewhere in PA the day before the election announcing “free ringtones for all.” It isn’t a promise he is likely to be able to keep but since when has that been a criteria in deciding election promises? If it happens Obama is expected to counter with free ringback tones for 95% of the population and pay for the offer with a surcharge to AT&T. A teenager in Minneapolis who could not get Prince’s new hit on his AT&T iPhone as a free ringback tone was quoted as saying, “give me free ringback tones or give me def leopard.” An iPhone user, he has legally changed his name from Martin to iMartin.

Free ringtones, free ringback tones, even free iPhone ringtones are being added to some flat fee services that you might be signing up for anyhow, but as an additional value item. So in addition to getting the latest cell phone applications or games you get free ringtones or free ringback tones once you belong to the service. As a final observation for those people looking for and unwilling to accept “no” as an answer to free ringtones and or free ringback tones. Right now the industry seems to be in a “free ringback tones only for the very persistent” mode. That is to say there are some free ringtone deals out there but you really have to look for the fine print to find them as well as read the fine print to make sure you are actually getting them. Having done your homework thoroughly, getting those good free ringtones, finding those elusive free ringback tones, locating those hard to find free iPhone tones when many others are not getting them free may very well it’s own reward. Let free ringback tones ring… er… play!

By: Gene Schwerman

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Gene Schwerman is the founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique Website Design. Truly Unique works on websites of all varieties, such as, where you can find free mobile phone tools and what are the potential uses of the iphone.

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